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CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel: Faster, Stronger, And Smoother!

CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel: Faster, Stronger, And Smoother!
1st March

Crystal CLAWZ is a professional product that has been in the making for quite some time. There are many benefits to using rubber base gels, but they have always been hard to apply.

Crystal CLAWZ is different because it’s liquid and applied with ease! It may be stronger than traditional Builder gel, but it’s more flexible too. This means you can apply less of it and still get better coverage – saving you money!

This Rubber Base Gel Is Highly-Versatile!

You can use this rubber base gel in many ways. It’s perfect for a base coat to strengthen your nails well and as an adhesive for FlexiPro Full Cover Gel Tips.

You can also use it as a topcoat on all your gel products to get that extra strength reinforcement or just over the tips of pre-made nail extensions for better adhesion!

Use it in between layers when doing tip extensions so you’ll have plenty of flexibility with no sign of breaking! ?Crystal Clawz will give you strong nails with lots more versatility than ever before and save tons of money!

You can use this 6in1 professional product as:

  • Rubber base coat for all gel products
  • Natural nail reinforcement/overlays
  • Tip extensions
  • Nail form sculpting
  • The adhesive base for FlexiPro Full Cover Tips
  • Gem & Deco adhesive

Reasons Why Crystal Clawz Rubber Base Gel Is Best!

Crystal Clawz Rubber Base Gel is quickly becoming SA’s best-selling Rubber Base Gel.

The reasons are:

No Bonders Or Primers Needed

Having no primers or bonders needed is because CRYSTAL CLAWZ has already put all of these ingredients into one product with its own unique formula, ensuring that no nasty chemicals are being absorbed through your skin as avoiding excessive dehydration on your nail bed.

It has been designed by top technicians in the industry who know that this will save their clients time, money, and natural nails!

It Is Easy To Polish

CRYSTAL CLAWZ makes the process of application smooth and easy with less mess – no need to worry about spillage on your clothes like many other products on the market.

Very Easy Application

The CRYSTAL CLAWZ Gel is easily applied with the brush provided and has a rich consistency. It fills gaps, builds up to desired thickness & dries quickly, allowing you to work on other areas of your client’s nail quickly!

No Damage To Your Nails

This Gel is also free of nasty chemicals, which means it does not dry out the natural nail bed or leave nails feeling brittle and weak.

The CRYSTAL CLAWZ Gel can be removed at any time and does not require any buffing off, unlike most rubber base Gels. This means it won’t damage natural nails like a traditional base coat does when they’re taken off by force, leading to breakage or, worse: split nails.

No Chipping, Lifting, Peeling

Unlike traditional base Gels, which can chip or peel, CRYSTAL CLAWZ is more liquid in consistency and sets hard to offer an extremely strong bond.

This makes it very durable and last for weeks with no sign of chipping or peeling off, so there are no worries about product deterioration over time.

CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel can be used on natural nails or nail polish with no lifting issues at all because of its strength.

No Harmful Chemicals

CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Gel is a professional rubber base gel that offers lasting wear with no harsh chemicals.

It’s non-toxic, easy to remove with acetone, and leaves no chemical residue on the skin – so you can enjoy a glass of wine without worry! A classic choice if you want a long-lasting gel manicure!

Soak Off System That Reduces The Significant Damage From Over-Filling

It is made with a rubber-based formula, so there’s no damage to your nails from over filing at home like traditional gels.

The soak-off system reduces this risk significantly while still providing fantastic coverage, shine, and durability.

This Rubber Base Gel is Vegan Friendly

The formula is 100% plant-based, so there are no animal products or byproducts in the ingredients. This means that even Vegans can enjoy our CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Gel polish!

It’s also cruelty-free and vegan, approved by PETA. No animals were harmed during the testing of this product; a thumbs up for us!

It Is Cost-Effective Rubber Base Coat

The gel provides excellent coverage while being affordable in price, which means that CRYSTAL CLAWZ will be among the top products you search for when planning your next manicure or pedicure!

CRYSTAL CLAWZ Gel is the best option for those on a budget. It’s available in both refill and original size bottles, meaning you may get it at your convenience – with no compromise in quality!

Self-Leveling Soak-Off Gel

You don’t have to worry about lumps and bumps with this rubber base coat. It’s self-leveling and builds up with beauty, making it perfect for those who are new to nail sculpting!

Since there’s less chance of messing up a design and ensuring that the nail is stronger, this proves them great for beginners as well as a professional.


You’ll like the smell of CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel – it’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting all-day wear from your manicure.

This is because there are no irritating chemicals used in this gel! The gentle formula means that the odor is low, so your clients won’t complain about any weird smell.

Available In A Range Of Nude Color Tones

No need to worry about matching your gel polish color when you use CRYSTAL CLAWZ – just pick the right tone for your customer! This is because these colors are all excellent as a base coat.

Different colours mean that it’s easy to find the shade that best suits them, and there will never be any awkward moments where they try on their dress in front of everyone and realize that it clashes with their nail polish!


CRYSTAL CLAWZ Gel Polish is Ideal For A Nail Professional!

The most challenging part of a nail professional’s job is applying gel polish on nails without having them break or peel off before your customer leaves the salon.

The CRYSTAL CLAWZ Gel has been designed with this problem in mind and will give you that long-lasting look while also being easy to apply and remove when needed.

It offers an excellent addition to any set of professional tools because it helps keep customers coming back by ensuring their satisfaction with both the product and service they receive at your salon.

With no chemicals used in its formulation, you don’t even have to worry about offending anyone with sensitivities.

The rubber base Gel polish is easier to apply because it has a little more flexibility than traditional hard gel and will not harden until you want it to. This ensures that there are never any bubbles that need to be removed from the nail bed before curing or filing nails.

CRYSTAL CLAWZ Rubber Base Gel Can Handle Everything!

That’s all there is to the beauty of this gel! CRYSTAL CLAWZ can easily be applied and removed, making for the best manicure experience at an affordable price. Shop this well-formulated product today and see its top quality for yourself!


Nail technicians have been in search of this solution since they first began applying gel polish on clients, and we believe they’ll finally find what they’ve been looking for in CRYSTAL CLAWZ’s new lineup – check them out today!


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"Carol is a truly amazing person, friendly and very professional. I had developed an allergy and I was unable to have gels nails or do them anymore. I bought Crystal Clawz products from Carol and there was no allergic reaction . I am happy beyond measure to know that I can now do Gel nails which I love so much and I recommend them to anyone as the Crystal Clawz brand is really really awesome."

Melanie Du Plessis


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